WAKE-UP-NOW on Israel page #2.

As we revealed on WAKE-UP-NOW page #1., Jesus Christ is referred to an "APE/MONKEY" in Israel and this depiction of him is a common theme in the ANTI-CHRIST graffitti that the Terrorist Israeli KKK leaves on the property of it's Christian terror attack victim's properties.  As you will see in this video from a popular Israeli TV program, the depiction of Jesus as an APE/MONKEY is also a common theme on Israel mass media.

More Anti-Christ church desecration in Jerusalem

 Over 80 incidents of vandalism against churches and Christian sites have been recorded in the past decade, according to Wadie Abunassar, the adviser to the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land. But in most cases, no arrests or indictments have been made against perpetrators.  https://www.christiantimes.com/article/holy-land-christians-decry-lack-of-action-against-church-vandals/72935.htm 

Christians NOT WELCOME in Jerusalem/West Bank of Israel

Pastor Rick Wiles chimes in on the CONTINUING RASH of Church ARSONS/VANDALISMS in Israel.  Notice the DATE on this video?  May 21, 2019.  Christians/Churches/Monasteries are UNDER ATTACK NOW in Israel !!!!!  


At Art Jones for Congress 2020 "We're FIGHTING against Hatred, Bigotry and Intolerance in ISRAEL!!!"

Please listen to Israeli's Chief Sephardic Rabbi (1 of their POPES) compare Black People to MONKEYS!!!

Israel's top Rabbi's don't consider non-Jews to be human!!!

They refer to Non-Jews as Goyim (Cattle) or Donkeys, as Chief Sephardic Rabbi Ovadia Yosef refers to Non-Jews in this video.  

2 Jesus loving Jews EXPOSE the real Judaic agenda.

They want to RULE the WORLD!!!  And they don't even consider Non-Jews to be quite fully human, says Israeli News Live creators, who run a Youtube channel by that name.  They should know.  They used to live in Israel.  They're Christians now.

It doesn't get anymore RACIST + HATEFUL than in Israel!!!


Israel's New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land: As you will see in this video, the Israel/Jewish Lobby, who pushes mass immigration and multiculturalism into this nation, supports 1 of the most RACIST, HATEFUL nations on the face of the Earth!!!