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As we revealed on WAKE-UP-NOW page #1., Jesus Christ is referred to an "APE/MONKEY" in Israel and this depiction of him is a common theme in the ANTI-CHRIST graffitti that the Terrorist Israeli KKK leaves on the property of it's Christian terror attack victim's properties.  As you will see in this video from a popular Israeli TV program, the depiction of Jesus as an APE/MONKEY is also a common theme on Israel mass media.

More Anti-Christ church desecration in Jerusalem

 Over 80 incidents of vandalism against churches and Christian sites have been recorded in the past decade, according to Wadie Abunassar, the adviser to the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land. But in most cases, no arrests or indictments have been made against perpetrators.  https://www.christiantimes.com/article/holy-land-christians-decry-lack-of-action-against-church-vandals/72935.htm 

Christians NOT WELCOME in Jerusalem/West Bank of Israel

Pastor Rick Wiles chimes in on the CONTINUING RASH of Church ARSONS/VANDALISMS in Israel.  Notice the DATE on this video?  May 21, 2019.  Christians/Churches/Monasteries are UNDER ATTACK NOW in Israel !!!!!  


At Art Jones for Congress 2020 "We're FIGHTING against Hatred, Bigotry and Intolerance in ISRAEL!!!"

Please listen to Israeli's Chief Sephardic Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, (1 of Israel's POPES) compare Black People to MONKEYS!!!

Israel's Chief Rabbi's don't consider non-Jews to be human!!

They refer to Non-Jews as Goyim (Cattle) or Donkeys, as the late Chief Sephardic Rabbi Ovadia Yosef refers to Non-Jews in this video.  (The father of Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef above.) The Gentiles were created only to serve the Jews.  Is this who you feel comfortable sending your TAX DOLLARS to???  The US Taxpayer is being taken for a ride by this nation,  Israel.  They want our $$$, but many in key positions within their religious establishment and government don't even consider us to be HUMAN.

100,000's attend HATE RABBI's Funeral in Israel!!!

Hate Rabbi, Ovadia Yosef passed at 93 in mid 2015.  Close to 10% of Israel's Jewish population attended his funeral.  It was enormous!!!  Themselves, like the Rabbi, most likely feel Non-Jews are animals; (Cattle/Donkeys) placed on earth by G-D to only "Serve the Jews".  We at Art Jones for Congress 2020 believe in Freedom of religion.  We have no quarrel with these folks but ask the question of WHY should US Taxpayers be sending BILLIONS to this group, when they feel 98% of us aren't human?

2 Jesus loving Jews EXPOSE the real Judaic agenda.

They want to RULE the WORLD!!!  And they don't even consider Non-Jews to be quite fully human, says Israeli News Live creators, who run a Youtube channel by that name.  They should know.  They used to live in Israel.  They're Christians now.

Less than Human! YES! This what many Jews think of you!

At Art Jones for Congress 2020, we believe in Freedom of Religion!!!  We have NO PROBLEM with whatever these folks feel/think!!!  But why should we be sending these folks our TAX $$$'s when 98% of us in this nation aren't Human/Jewish???

It doesn't get anymore RACIST + HATEFUL than in Israel!!!


Israel's New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land: As you will see in this video, the Israel/Jewish Lobby, who pushes mass immigration and multiculturalism into this nation, supports 1 of the most RACIST, HATEFUL nations on the face of the Earth!!!   

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are treated like animals!!!

This SHOCKING VIDEO was taken just a few days ago in the border zone between Israel proper and the Gaza Strip, which has been in revolt against Israel for years now.  A 27 year old man was shot dead and his body was dragged and picked up by an Israeli bulldozer like a he was a dead carcass of livestock.  

Nazi rabbi's say "We are racist" "Hitler was most righteous"

Non-Jews will be our SLAVES.  Palestinians are genetically inferior and Hitler was most righteous, say the Rabbi's at one of Israel's most elite military prep schools, located on the West Bank of occupied Palestine.  Believe it or not, many Israeli's do love Hitler.  The World's ultimate supremacists do live in Israel and occupy key positions within it's educational system, it's armed forces(IDF) and within the Netanyahu government itself.  

Attacked by a Tel Aviv "Death to Arabs!" mob

Not only do West Bank and Gaza Palestinians get treated like animals and are held captive by a hard core military occupation force, many within Israel would  just like to KILL THEM ALL!!!  Death to Arabs protests are quite common in Israel and are hidden from us here in the USA by the our "Jewish owned and operated", mainstream media.  They only show you the positive things about Israel.

These Israeli Jews want all Arabs DEAD!!!

“Death to the Arabs” rally draws thousands in Tel Aviv



Israel is now an official RACIAL JEWISH STATE!!!

No difference between Nazi Germany and Israel now.  Most Israeli Jews really don't want any non-Jews living in their Jewish Racial Nation they stole from the Palestinians in 1947/48.  That's why they hold all these "DEATH to the ARABS" rallies every time tensions escalate.  They want all Non-Jews out of Israel. Israel allows a few token Ethiopian so-called Black Jews to live there, but that's all for  good window dressing.  They riot regularly because of discrimination and harassment by police.


Israel court upholds DNA testing to prove Judaism


 As you will read below, Israel is an official RACIAL JEWISH STATE where 1 must take a DNA test to immigrate into Israel and or,  to get married in Israel, if 1's JEWISHNESS is in doubt!!!  Only RACIAL JEWS can immigrate into Israel and can get married in a Jewish wedding in Israel and you can be required to take a DNA TEST to prove your JEWISHNESS.

The much-derided and controversial discipline of using DNA to prove one’s race, religion and nationality has been upheld by the Israeli High Court following a legal challenge to its use in the determination of Jewishness. A panel of High Court justices rejected a petition against the Chief Rabbinate and the rabbinical court’s ruling that DNA testing to prove one’s Judaism should be allowed.

In the legal challenge, which according to Haaretz was filed by Yisrael Beitenu’s Avigdor Lieberman and several private petitioners, the judges dismissed their case that the rabbinate acted in a discriminatory manner by demanding DNA tests to prove one’s Judaism.

The case re-opens an ongoing feud over conducting genetic tests to determine who is and isn’t a Jew. With Israel electing to define itself in racial terms by declaring itself to be a “Jewish state”, conception of race as something existing in the blood, crushed civic notions of race and nationality, upon which modern democratic states are established.

READ : Netanyahu uses DNA claim to deny Palestinian right to homeland

Israel’s matrimonial law which is religious, not civil, has also meant that couples are required to prove their Jewishness through DNA testing if their heritage is in doubt. In Israel Jews can marry Jews, but intermarriage with Muslims or Christians is not permitted. This means that when a Jewish couple want to tie the knot, they are required by law to prove their Jewishness to the Rabbinate according to Orthodox tradition, which defines Jewish ancestry as being passed down through the mother.

According to the court’s decision DNA, “testing can only benefit the person being tested, whether he accepts the testing or refuses to undergo the test”. The judges debated the need for compiling a set of written rules around DNA testing, which they claimed would avert disagreements over its use.

During the hearing, the representative of the rabbinical court agreed to bring the matter of setting the rules in writing before the Chief Rabbinical Council.