Over 80 Churches have suffered arson/vandalism attacks in Israel by Jewish KKK extremists over the last 11 years.  Very little to no, US media coverage has been given to these church burnings in Israel, where US Christians send billions of their tax $$$'s to every year.  

Art Jones for Congress presents the "Wake Up Now" campaign.

The Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and the Fishes Tabgha, Israel.

Meet the Israeli Jewish KKK. You've been lied to on Israel!!

These are some of the types of people you're sending your hard earned tax $$$'s to in Israel.  As you will see in the proceeding videos, there's lots of these types living in Israel that you help support due to the AIPAC Jewish Lobby that controls our US Congress and from whom Rep. Dan Lipinski receives campaign funding from.  


The Israeli KKK extremists who feel Churches/Christianity DO NOT belong in the Holy Land and have a mission to rid the Holy Land of Jesus Christ. (a False Idol)  

Israeli Jewish rabbi: Burning Christian churches in Israel justified 

Check out our videos of Israel Church Arsons/vandalisms.

Arson attack on Jerusalem church during pope visit.

We've compiled a video collection of Israeli Church Arsons and Vandalisms to show you what's been taking place in the Anti-Christ State of Israel over the last 11 years and to show the extent of the cover up by our US media and our pro Israel Churches and elected officials.

Christianity is CLEARLY under attack in Israel.

Arsonists force their way into church, burning chairs in a Baptist Church in Jerusalem.

Jesus Christ is referred to as an APE/MONKEY in Israel.

Another Christian church vandalized in Jerusalem along with  autos parked near it.

Israel clearly has an Anti-Christian Hate Crime problem.

Roman Catholic leader visits church vandalised with anti-Christian graffiti.

It's OPEN SEASON on Churches and Christians in Israel.

Arson Damages Christian Seminary in Jerusalem in Suspected Hate Crime:   It's OPEN SEASON on Churches and Christianity in Israel.  Is this the 1st time you've heard of this?

This church attack in Nazareth, provoked a mass protest.

Christians demonstrate against church attack in Nazareth.  As you can see by the yellow protest sign, Mosques are also being targeted by Jewish KKK Terrorists in Israel too.  They want everybody besides Jews in Israel and the West Bank; OUT and OUT NOW!!!  

Even more protests against these Anti-Christian attacks.


Christian leaders in Israel call for a crackdown on Jewish nationalist 'price tag' attacks

Are we starting to prove our case here?

Seminary damaged in suspected arson attack; Another one in Jerusalem but they happen all over the West Bank of Palestine and even in Northern Israel where a Palestinian Christian community resides.  They keep this all quiet over here in the USA where Christians send Israel billions of their hard earned Tax $$$'s.

Christians in Israel face rise in hate crimes

It's NOT ONLY Churches and Christian property that's under attack in Israel by the Racist/Religious Supremacist Jewish KKK there, it's the Christians themselves personally who are under attack.  Priests have been regularly SPIT ON in Jerusalem for decades now and Christians in general do not feel safe anymore in the occupied West Bank of Israel.

More anti-Christian Graffiti on Church in Jerusalem.

Anti-Christian Graffiti on a Jerusalem Church

It's not only the Israeli KKK that goes after Christians;

It's also the Israeli State itself!!! Israeli police rushed into one of Christianity's holiest churches Sunday and arrested two clergyman.

Remember; Israel is the Jewish State. Jews 1st. Others 2nd


Israeli police arrests a Christian monk and beats other protesters

The Racist Supremacist Israeli KKK goes after Cemeteries too

Palestinian Cemeteries Vandalized.  JEWS IN;  Palestinian Christians/Muslims OUT!!!  Israel is the Jewish RACIAL/RELIGIOUS STATE!!!  JEWS ONLY!!!

NOT EVEN the Palestinian schools are safe in Israel!!!

Israel-Palestine Tensions: Several Palestinian schools destroyed by Israel.  CHECK THIS ONE OUT!!!  Arab schools BUZZDOZED by Israel because they refuse to teach the prescribed JEWISH MIND CONTROL AGENDA in them.  Palestinian schools are regularly arsoned by the Israel KKK also.  We have print articles on 1 school getting arsoned, but no video.  Stay tuned.

ISRAEL wants Christians OUT of Jerusalem/ the HOLY LAND!!!

Israel Against the Christian Holy Land;  That's 20 videos and we've got more.  We also have a treasure trove of print articles of what goes on in the Racist Supremacist, Anti-Christ, State of Israel against it's Palestinian Christian and Muslim residents along with their Churches/Mosques/Schools/Property/etc..  We haven't even scrathed the surface yet on this issue.  

And what has Dan Lipinski had to say about this all?

Congressman Dan Lipinski, IL 3rd. District, a devote Christian/Catholic; has to the best of our knowledge, said NOTHING over the years about this assault on Christianity and Churches in Israel.  All we've heard him say is, " I SUPPORT ISRAEL" and he sure does.  Dan Lipinski is endorsed by the Israeli Lobby in this year's 2020 election and receives AIPAC donations to his campaigns. PLEASE CALL HIM at 773-948-6223 an TELL HIM to STOP VOTING our BILLIONS of Tax $$$'s to ANTI-CHRIST ISRAEL!!!