Did you receive something like this on your Smart phone, Facebook, Instagram or in your email inbox?   If so, the Art Jones for Congress 2020 campaign would like to inform you that "EVIL FORCES" are in play. 



Did you receive something like this in the mail?  If so, the Art Jones for Congress 2020 campaign would like to inform you that "EVIL FORCES" are in play.



This is the one I personally received and I knew immediately who sent it to me.  I, Art Jones would like to inform you that "EVIL FORCES" are in play.


Vietnam Veteran, NOT a German WW2 Veteran!!!

Nazi definition is - a member of a German fascist party controlling Germany from 1933 to 1945 under Adolf Hitler


Vietnam Veteran, NOT a German WW2 Veteran!!!

Nazi synonyms, Nazi pronunciation, Nazi translation, English dictionary definition of Nazi. n. pl. Na·zis 1. A member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party, founded in Germany in 1919 and brought to power in 1933 under Adolf Hitler.


Sorry, Not a NAZI!!!

What is this all about then? Why was I contacted?


Cook County GOP Chairman Sean Morrison

In a Nutshell, you've been contacted because of Israel!!!

My name is Arthur Jones, Republican candidate for the Illinois 3rd Congressional district seat, currently held by long time Congressman, Daniel Lipinski, Democrat.  There's been an ongoing heated argument that I have had over many, many years with these Illinois GOP leadership people every time I run for public office and that is, they support the MASS MURDERING APARTHEID State of Israel, along with it's domestic Jewish lobby in this nation and I oppose the ZIO-NAZI State of Israel along with it's ZIO-NAZI inhabitants.  I also vehemently oppose the domestic Jewish lobby that controls our Congress and calls the shots on US/Israel policy which is called AIPAC.  That's what this solicitation you received is all about.  These IL. GOP folks GO NUTS, every time I run for Congress, because they support ZIO-NAZI ISRAEL and I DO NOT.  Additionally, they're under enormous pressure from the domestic Jewish lobby to OPPOSE ME and SMEAR ME, because that's who in part funds them and thus rules over them.   In reality, I guess you can characterize the Illinois GOP as being exactly what they accuse me of being and that's a group of NAZI'S.  But they wear a  different uniform and walk around in expensive pin-striped suits all day long, but behind this respectable veneer, they're pure Mass Murdering Israeli ZIO-NAZI SUPPORTERS.  But they call themselves Republicans and love running around pointing the finger at TRUTH TELLERS, like myself, who expose the nation and people, they advocate for.

  What's really killing them this election cycle, (the NAZI IL. GOP) and their ZIO-NAZI Jewish lobby overlords who most definitely funded this SMEAR CAMPAIGN against me, is that I have exposed their most cherished nation, ZIO-NAZI ISRAEL, like NO OTHER candidate has done in a Congressional political campaign before.  They're seething at my WAKE-UP-NOW Campaign, because I've blown the lid off the Jewish mainstream media fallacy of Israel and exposed this nation for what it really is and that is "ZIO-NAZI ISRAEL."   


Israel is a Jewish RACIAL PURITY STATE: uses DNA TESTING!!!


Israel ='s NAZI GERMANY!!! No difference!!!

 TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — Israel’s Chief Rabbi, David Lau, has openly admitted to the use of DNA tests to determine a person’s “Jewish ancestry” before allowing them to marry in Israel and be granted Jewish status. 

You cannot marry in Israel in a Jewish wedding or immigrate to Israel unless you are 100% CONFIRMED to be "RACIALLY JEWISH" and that may involve a DNA TEST mandated by the Rabbi's if they feel you're "Jewishness is in doubt"!!!  NAZI IL GOP knows this but still supports Israel and then smears me as a "NAZI", because I have a "FEW GOOD WORDS" to say about "MY PEOPLE" and that is White America.  NAZI IL GOP are HYPOCRITES that serve the Jewish Israeli Lobby in this nation who supports the #1. RACIAL PURITY NATION on the face of the earth and smears anyone that REJECTS US Foreign AID $$$'s to Israel or speaks out against the BIGOTRY of the Jewish State as, "NAZI's"  The Israeli's and their Jewish Lobby in this nation are the "ZIO-NAZI'S" and NAZI IL GOP supports them both.  I DON'T and that's WHY YOU RECEIVED this correspondence from them to SMEAR ME!!!


Please watch this brief 1:30 video.  This is the type of Israeli ZIO-NAZI barbarism I'm exposing in my WAKE-UP-NOW Campaign that the NAZI IL. GOP doesn't want you to know about.  This is WHO and WHAT they support and what I am fighting.  That's why you've been contacted in this Disinformation Campaign against me.  They're terrified I will win on this issue and then be in the position to take the IL. Republican Party over and oust them and their EVIL out of the party.



Was it our WAKE-UP-NOW street campaign that triggered them?


Sorry, the NAZI'S live in Israel now!!!

Please watch this 2nd SHOCKING video of the ISRAELI NAZI HATE RABBI's who teach at Israeli's elite military academies.  

These Rabbis freely state;  "We are racist" "Hitler was the most righteous".  

And the IL. GOP supports NAZI Israel.  Art Jones doesn't.  I'm exposing them and the lobby that dictates to them and that's why you received this solicitation against me. They had to do something because I've cornered them.

Voters BEWARE!!!

NAZI IL. GOP supports "Church BURNING ISRAEL!!!"

Voters BEWARE!!!

NAZI IL. GOP supports "CHURCH burning ISRAEL!!!"

FIGHT EVIL on 3/17/2020!!!


And tell the ISRAELI ZIO-NAZI sympathizers to GO LOOK in the MIRROR!!!


And tell the ISRAELI ZIO-NAZI sympathizers to GO LOOK in the MIRROR!!! 

Vote Art Jones!!!