1/30/2020 Press Release by Art Jones for Congress2020

 1/30/2020  URGENT PRESS RELEASE by Art Jones for Congress 2020, IL. 3rd. Congressional District.  Today we announce the final phase of our campaign to be the Republican nominee for Congress in the IL. 3rd. Congressional District.  We have entitled this final phase, the “WAKE-UP-NOW” campaign. That is, “WAKE-UP-NOW” on Israel campaign.  We have concluded that a high % of the voters of the 3rd. IL. Congressional District have NO CLUE on what transpires in the State of Israel where billions of their Ttx $$$'s are transferred to by our pro-Israel US Congress under the control of the Jewish lobby group entitled AIPAC, (America Israel Public Affairs Committee).  Although the IL. 3rd Congressional District has a large Islamic population living within it, the vast majority of the district is still Christian.  Christian churches and espiecally Catholic religious institutions are everywhere in the district and are still heavily attended all week long and not just on Sundays.  We feel that the the vast majority of these church goers are either ignorant of what transpires in the State of Israel or hold misconceptions of it and the behavior that takes place within it.  Although a religious issue to many, Israel is a political issue to all Christians due to this nation's extensive funding over the years to the Jewish State which comes out of their tax $$$'s they pay into the sytem every year..  What we feel most Christians don't realize is that Israel is NO FRIEND of theirs and is an extremely ANTI-CHRIST nation that is openly hostile to Christians and their religious institutions.  In the up and coming weeks up to election day, 3/17/2020, we plan on kriss crossing the entire IL. 3rdCongressional district with LARGE SIGNS explaining the ANTI-CHRISTIAN ATMOSPHERE within the Jewish State in the last 11 years on some of the busiest roads and throughfares within the district.  We also plan on informing the voters of the IL. 3rd. Congressional district who pass us by in their cars and trucks of the Israel voting record of our current Congressman, Rep. Dan Lipinski, who himself is an ardent Christian/Catholic but has for some reason has systematically ignored the excessive Anti-Christian atmosphere in Israel and has continued to accept funding from the Jewish/Israel lobby in return for voting with it on Israel funding and other Israel related legislative matters in the US House.  Looking forward to seeing you on the streets of the 3rd. Congressional District over the coming weeks and in addition to our oversized signage, we will be handing out campaign literature and CD's with videos on them exposing the dire situation in the State of Israel in regards to what's left of it's Christian community.  By all means, please pull over if it's safe, for our literature/CD's.
 Thankyou for your support,  Arthur Jones candidate for Congress IL. 3rd. district 


1/10/2020 Press Release by Art Jones for Congress2020

 White America under attack!!!    A vigil against Anti-White Hate, by Art Jones for Congress 2020 www.artjonestherebel.com  (708-427-6459) 

 Date:  1/11/2020 Time:  9:30 AM Location:  across the street from Hope Covenant Church  14401 West Ave.  Orland Park IL. during the Marie Newman for Congress Youth Activism: Path to Peace and Justice (Town Hall) 

 Check Map quest location link here: https://www.mapquest.com/search/results?query=%20Hope%20Covenant%20Church%20%2014401%20West%20Ave.%20%20Orland%20Park%20IL.&boundingBox=41.712104035745746,-87.6758337020874,41.700537926153544,-87.65433311462402&page=0  

 On Oct. 3rd, 2019, Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez at a hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on civil rights and civil liberties stated,   
 “The people that are producing climate change, the folks that are responsible for the largest amount of emissions, or communities, or corporations, they tend to be predominantly white, correct?”    
 Reference this Youtube video of her speaking here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcIl9RoQpHA&feature=emb_logo  

 On Nov. 9th2019  at the Climate Change Summit held at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, Representative Cortez stated during her speech there;    
 The way we inoculate ourselves from continuing to burn up our planet at unsustainable level triggering feedback loops that we have not even begun to comprehend is by honoring indigenous wisdom and allowing it to guide our climate policy. The way that we preserve our systems is by transitioning to principles of universality, that means I want you clothed, I want you educated, I want you paid a living wage – no ifs, ands, or buts. And what that also means [and] what [the previous speaker] Naomi [Klein] talked about as well is directly, consciously, combating white supremacy in the United States of America.”
 Reference this Youtube video of her speaking here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB_-Mg_4Tvg&feature=emb_logo  

 So in other words, Rep. AOC is suggesting that “WHITE PEOPLE” and what she perceives as “WHITE SUPREMACY” are responsible for causing “CLIMATE CHANGE”.  Not only is there zero proof that white people and white societies cause the vast majority of Climate Change on the planet earth; there's no proof that climate change even exists on the planet earth.  White European people now make up only 8% of the earths population and all of their nations that they have historically populated have been extensively deindustrialized over the years with many of their industries being moved to Asia and to 3rd world nations around the globe.  How exactly can 8% of the earth's population be responsible for the vast majority of climate change activities and lifestyles while their nations have been loosing many of their industries that supposively create such circumstances in the first place?
 Both Rep. AOC and Marie Newman, Congressional candidate in the IL. 3rd. District, are members of a Radical Leftist PAC entitled the Justice Democrats which has a website at www.justicedemocrats.comThe Justice Democrats incorporates the four extreme left Democratic Congresswomen that have been entitled “The SQUAD” and have received much attention throughout the year 2019.  Rep. AOC has personally endorsed Marie Newman in her race against Rep. Dan Lipinski in the 3/17/2020 IL. Primary and Marie Newman proudly displays this on her campaign website along with the Justice Democrats logo of support for her. 

 The Art Jones for Congress 2020 team will gather across the street from Marie Newman's Youth Activism: Path to Peace and Justice (Town Hall) inorder to ask Marie a few questions. 

 #1. Does she, Marie Newman agree with Rep. AOC's assertion that “WHITE PEOPLE” and so-called “WHITE SUPREMACY” are responsible for the vast majority of activities that create so-called Climate Change?
 #2.  If she doesn't agree with Rep. AOC's assertions, does she feel that these assertions by Rep. AOC could reflect the Representatives personal anomosity and bigotry against the White European Race and not her genuine feelings and opinion concerning the Climate Change issue.
 #3.  Why does she, Marie Newman, continue to accept Rep. AOC's endorsement and is still a member of the Justice Democrats, even after these unproven, anti-white bigoted, venomously hateful, unhinged  remarks against White people, by Rep. AOC?
 Look forward to answering any and all of your questions at our event on Sat.,    
 Thanks,  Art Jones and the Art Jones for Congress 2020 team
 Official  Art Jones for Congress 2020 “White America under attack” oversized placards that will be on display Sat. 

 10/23/19 : Rep. AOC NY,NY claims “White People” responsible for climate change HOAX
 Marie Newman:  Proudly endorsed by Communist Crackpot, Anti-White Bigot, Rep. AOC NY, NY AKA:  The Squad
 Justice Democrats ='s Anti-White Hate Group
 Social/Racial Justice ='s code words for “GET WHITEY!!!”
 WHITE AMERICA UNDER ATTACK by Justice Democrats/ Marie Newman
 Western Culture YES Cultural Marxism NO



12/13/2020 Press Release by Art Jones for Congress2020

Response to Marie Newman 12/12/2019 interfaith press conference

Marie Newman is nothing less than a Limousine Liberal LEFT WING EXTREMIST and has no business critically commenting on any candidate in this IL. 3rd. district 2020 Congressional race.  The woman makes Leftist Liberal Rep. Dan Lipinski look like a conservative.  Not only does she keep company with some of the most rabid Marxist Leninist Communists within the Democrat Communist Party (just look who was at her press conference?), she's also been endorsed by the premier Anti-White bigoted Neo Bolshevic Communist crackpot in the party, Rep. AOC of NY, NY.  I assume she plans on destroying what's left of this nation by supporting and voting for Rep. AOC's New Green Deal if elected to Congress.  The Art Jones for Congress 2020 Team looks forward to her next event in Jan. 2020.




Stop "Jew Coup" Impeachment now!!! by Art Jones

 12/10/2019  URGENT PRESS RELEASE by Art Jones for Congress 2020, IL. 3rd Congressional district:   ​ Now that I have overcome my un-democratic opposition within the IL. Republican Party and will be officially listed on the 3/17/2020 Republican primary ballot for the IL. 3rd Congressional district, I wish to proclaim I will do everything in my power to resist and oppose the current Neo-Bolshevic Communist "JEW COUP" currently being waged against our President Donald J. Trump in Washington DC.  A bright spotlight needs to be cast upon the current unconstitutional efforts of this dangerous cabal of Democratic Communist Party Jews who are currently plotting in our nations capital to "Overthrow" our duly elected President.  I, Arthur Jones , will forcefully stand against and rally all freedom loving patriotic individuals within the IL. 3rd Congressional district in opposition to this current nation wrecking "JEW COUP" impeachment effort against our President.