About Art Jones the Rebel


Born January 1st, 1948 Beloit, Wisconsin. Graduated from high school in 1967. Entered the U.S. army in 1969 and served one year in Vietnam. Entered the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater majoring in political science and journalism.

Listed in the National Student Register, a “Who’s Who” of American college students; past member of Young Republicans; Young Americans for Freedom – a conservative youth group; Republicans for Wallace; Republican National Committee; and founder and current National Chairman of the 2nd Amendment Defense Committee.

Occupation – Independent Insurance Broker
Over the years I have received many awards for my work with senior citizens and small businesses. In 1985, I was named AGENT OF THE YEAR by Mutual of Omaha Insurance.

Married wife Patricia 33 years ago, who is a native Chicagoan, of Irish descent. Mr. Jones is a descendent of Norwegian and Swedish on his mothers side and Welsh and English on his fathers side. Both parents are U.S. Army World War II veterans. His paternal grandfather was a disabled World War I veteran.

I was raised in a highly patriotic family. The blood of the Southern Confederate and the Northern Yankee are both in me. It is that proud heritage of duty, honor, and courage that I have striven to uphold all of my life.