Vote Art Jones the "REBEL", Republican on 3/7/2020 America 1st.



12/10/2019  URGENT PRESS RELEASE by Art Jones for Congress 2020, IL. 3rd Congressional district:   ​ Now that I have overcome my un-democratic opposition within the IL. Republican Party and will be officially listed on the 3/17/2020 Republican primary ballot for the IL. 3rd Congressional district, I wish to proclaim I will do everything in my power to resist and oppose the current Neo-Bolshevic Communist "JEW COUP" currently being waged against our President Donald J. Trump in Washington DC.  A bright spotlight needs to be cast upon the current unconstitutional efforts of this dangerous cabal of Democratic Communist Party Jews who are currently plotting in our nations capital to "Overthrow" our duly elected President.  I, Arthur Jones , will forcefully stand against and rally all freedom loving patriotic individuals within the IL. 3rd Congressional district in opposition to this current nation wrecking "JEW COUP" impeachment effort against our President.

Pastor Rick Wiles of

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